What is Librex?
An anonymous discussion feed for college communities
Why Librex?
Librex gives students a place to safely connect with their peers. It's a judgment free platform where students can find friends, discuss issues in their life, and be heard by their community.
How do I sign up?
Download Librex on the app store with the link below and make an account with your school email.

Sign up here!
What does "Librex" mean?
"Libr" for libre, "ex" for exchange. We started Librex because we believe free expression should have a home on college campuses.
Who is it for?
College students, like you
Is this supported by Yale University?
No. Librex is not owned by, supported by, controlled by, or funded by Yale University. Yale University does not even provide us with pizza ☹.
If the app is anonymous, why do you verify my email?
To verify where you go to college
Is the content moderated?
We moderate user content on the app in accordance with our Content Policy.
I was banned, but I didn't do anything wrong. What do I do?
Contact us at LibrexApp@protonmail.com and we'll get back to you to review your case.